Financial Choice Act

The transition to a new administration with the election of Republican Donald J. Trump as President, along with continued Republican control of the Senate and House of Representatives, promises to bring substantial change to each of the federal financial regulatory agencies. Changes in leadership at those agencies will likely result in substantial changes in policy regarding regulations, compliance, enforcement, and transactions.  While these transitions will take place over different time frames depending on the agency, there is unique uncertainty regarding how quickly the transition will take place at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB” or “Bureau”) and what that transition will entail.

The uncertain situation at the CFPB results, in part, from the fact that the Bureau is a new agency that has not previously experienced a change in administration. Moreover, the Bureau has been a controversial agency from its inception and it currently faces substantial questions about the constitutionality of its single-Director structure,  threats of Congressional disapproval of its recent and planned regulations, and legislation designed to change its structure and funding.

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