On Friday January 27, CFTC Acting Chairman announced a series of staff changes at the CFTC, including the appointment of Amir Zaidi to lead the CFTC’s Division of Market Oversight (“DMO”). Mr. Zaidi has served in a number of roles at the Commission since he joined in 2010. Most recently, he was Legal Counsel and Policy Advisor in the Office of Commissioner Giancarlo. Mr. Zaidi’s Division will be responsible for carrying out many of the swaps trading changes that Acting Chair Giancarlo recently discussed should the CFTC proceed with those changes (link).

Acting Chairman Giancarlo also appointed Vincent McGonagle as the Acting Director for the Division of Enforcement (“DOE”). Mr. McGonagle, a longtime veteran at the CFTC, was previously Director of DMO, presiding over the registration and approval of 23 SEFs and the implementation of the current swaps trading rules. Prior to his tenure as Director of DMO, Mr. McGonagle served as Principal Deputy Director in DOE.

A press release detailing the recent staff changes can be found here.